Zoning Ordinances

Chapter 110 Introduction Provisions
Chapter 115 Decision-Making Procedures
Chapter 120 General Administrative Provisions
Chapter 125 Planning Director's Interpretation
Chapter 130 Zoning Administration
Chapter 140 Enforcement
Chapter 150 Definitions
Chapter 210 Conditional Uses
Chapter 220 Permit Expiration Dates and Extensions
Chapter 225 Home Occupations
Chapter 230 Planning Unit Developments
Chapter 235 Special Event Permits
Chapter 240 Variances
Chapter 245 Modifications
Chapter 250 Temporary Permits
Chapter 260 Map, Text and Plan Amendments
Chapter 270 Property Line Adjustments
Chapter 280 Partitions
Chapter 290 Subdivisions
Chapter 310 Site Design Review
Chapter 320 Transportation Standards
Chapter 330 Off-Street Parking and Loading
Chapter 340 Development Standards (Setback Requirements)
Chapter 410 Exclusive Farm Use Zone (EFU)
Chapter 420 Timber-Grazing Zone (TG)
Chapter 430 Primary Forest Zone (PF)
Chapter 440 Mineral Extraction Zone
Chapter 450 Surface Mining Zone
Chapter 510 Residential Zones
Chapter 520 Commercial Zones
Chapter 530 Industrial Zones
Chapter 540 Special Zoning Districts
Chapter 550 Zones for Unincorporated Communities
Chapter 610 Airport Overlay Zone (AOZ)
Chapter 620 Big Game Habitat Overlay Zone (BGHO)
Chapter 630 Floodplain Overlay Zone (FOZ)
Chapter 640 Sensitive Bird Habitat Consultation Overlay Zone (SBHCOZ)
Chapter 650 National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center Overlay Zone (NHOTICOZ)
Chapter 660 Wetlands Overlay Zone (WOZ)
Chapter 670 Limited Use Overlay Zone (LUOZ)
Chapter 680 Interchange Overlay Zone
Chapter 685 Mining Activity Buffer Overlay Zone (MABOZ)
Chapter 690 Mining Impact Mitigation Overlay Zone (MIMOZ)
Chapter 695 Tourist Commercial Limited Use Overlay Zone (TCLUOZ)
Chapter 710 Historic, Cultural, and Natural Resources Protection
Chapter 720 Non-Conforming Uses
Chapter 730 Signs
Chapter 740 Wireless Communication Facilities
Chapter 750 Wind Power Generation Facilities
Chapter 760 Solar Power Generation Facilities
Chapter 770 Dismantling and Financial Assurance Standards

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