District Attorney

Greg Baxter

I returned to Eastern Oregon after graduating from law school. I worked as a deputy district attorney in Wallowa County and then in Union County for over seven years. The last two years in Union County I served as the Chief Deputy District Attorney supervising the other attorneys in the office. Since December 2019, I have served as the Baker County District Attorney. Throughout my career, I have handled a wide range of cases including domestic violence, sexual abuse, manslaughter, and murder.

My family has deep roots in Baker County. I grew up in Baker City and am a 2003 graduate of Baker High School. I served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil from 2004-2006. My wife and I have been married for 13 years and we have four children ages 11, 8, 6, and 3.

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Baker County District Attorney's Office Policies and Procedures Manual

Conviction Reconsideration Policies and Procedures

District Attorney

Victims Assistance

Our mission is to assist victims of crime by providing them with tools and information regarding Victims' Rights (www.OregonCrimeVictimsRights.info) and assistance in filing for Crime Victims' Compensation (1-800-503-7983 or http://www.doj.state.or.us/victims/compensation.shtml).

VINE: Victim Information and Notification Everyday
VINE will tell you if an offender is in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections, Oregon Youth Authority or a county jail and will give you other important custody and/or probation and parole information. VINE will also let you leave a phone number where you want to be called automatically when that offender is released, transferred, or has a change in parole or probation status.

    Call 1-877-OR-4-VINE from a touch-tone and follow the directions.
    -If the offender is in the custody of the agencies listed above, you can leave your phone number to be called when their custody or probation status changes. Enter the phone number where you want to be reached, including area code, followed by the pound (#) key.
    -When VINE asks, make up and enter a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will be easy for you to remember. VINE will ask for the PIN when it calls you.
    -When VINE calls, listen to the message, then enter your PIN when asked. Entering the PIN lets VINE know that you got the call, and will stop the service from calling you again.

VINE Facts:
    The offender will not know you are registered with VINE.
    If you are not home, VINE will leave a message on an answering machine. If there is no answer, VINE will keep calling back until you enter your PIN code or until 24 hours have passed.
    Since VINE calls automatically when an offender's custody status changes, you may get a call from VINE in the middle of the night.
    Do not leave a phone number with VINE that rings to a switchboard.
    If your telephone system lets you block calls from unknown numbers, your calls fromVINE will be blocked. To receive notification calls from VINE you must disable the blocking feature.
    The Oregon VINE service monitors offenders in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections, and/or probation and parole information, Oregon Youth Authority, and all county jails.
    Do not depend only on the VINE service, or any other single program, for your protection. Make VINE part of your safety plan.
    You can leave more than one phone number with VINE. Just call the VINE service again.

Contact Information:
Whitney Rilee
Phone (Direct Line): 541-523-8344
(Toll Free): 1-866-862-7477 FREE
Baker County Victims' Assistance Office
1995 3rd Street, Suite 320
Baker City Or, 97814

District Attorney

Child Support Enforcement

The Support Enforcement Office at the Baker County District Attorney's Office has a mission to help children receive financial support from both parents, and foster the strengthening of families by connecting them to community services.

More information can be found at the oregonchildsupport.gov, or by reaching us through the contact information below.

Contact Information:

Yvonne Nork
Phone: 541-523-6414
Fax: 541-523-3913

Baker County District Attorney's Office
1995 3rd St.
Baker City Or, 97814

District Attorney


The Baker County District Attorney Greg Baxter has an investigator, Wade Swiger, assigned to his office. The investigator's primary job is to assist and support the District Attorney and his Deputy District Attorneys with timely and quality investigative assistance.

Cases are assigned to the investigator by the District Attorney on a priority basis that may include but not limited to homicides, sexual assaults, domestic violence and other crimes as time allows. The investigator may also be used to locate witness, interview victims, review evidence, serve subpoenas, preparing trial exhibits, and testify in court if needed.

The Baker County District Attorney's investigator, Wade Swiger, works out of the District Attorney's office located at 1995 Third Street, Suite 320, Baker City, Oregon 97814. Mr. Swiger can be reached by phone at (541) 523-8205, ext 119. His email address is wswiger@bakercounty.org.

Contact Information:

Wade Swiger
Phone: (541) 523-8205

Baker County District Attorney's Office
1995 3rd St.
Baker City Or, 97814