Emergency Management

Emergency Kits

Baker County Emergency Management encourages all Baker County residents to prepare for emergencies as individuals and families. By planning for your family's safety you can prepare beforehand for any incident.

On this page you can find recommendations for emergency kits. Baker County has a diverse population, so the recommendations are very general. Please change and adapt your emergency kits to your specific needs and situations.

Household Emergency Kits

Every household in Baker County should prepare a household emergency kit. You can change and adapt your emergency kit to fit your families needs. Make sure that you store your emergency kit in a place that would be easily accessible in an emergency, and a place that would be protected. It is reccommended that you have enough in your household kit to support your entire household for at least 3 days.

To get a list of items to prepare your own household emergency kit click here.

Go Bags

If you and your loved ones are in a situation that calls for evacuation, it may be neccessary for you to have portable emergency kits. Each member of your family should have his or her own Go Bag that is easy to carry and sturdy. Store the kits in an accessible location in your car or home, and update them every 6 months.

To get a list of items to prepare your own Go Bag click here.

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