Treasurer/Tax Collector

Collection and disbursement of property taxes (current & delinquent).
Send tax statements to both taxpayers and mortgage/taxing services.
Issue Tax Refunds.
Deposit money received from other county departments and invest the funds not needed for immediate disbursement.
Provide tax information to the public.
Manage foreclosure proceedings on real property.
Issuing warrants on delinquent manufactured home accounts.

The Treasurer/Tax Office Does Not Handle the Following

Setting property tax rates.
Assessing the value of property - See Assessors Page
Making address or name correction - See Assessors Page
Povide information on property tax exemptions - Assessors Page
Resolve disputes over property appraisals or assessments - Property Tax Appeals
Issuing 113 forms - See Assessors Page
Land Sales - County Commission

Tax Payments

Mark Your Calendars

Tax statements will be arriving at your homes at the end of October through the first part of November. Please refer to the chart below or the backside of your tax statement to keep aware of the dates.

You can visit our Assessor Link below to find your correct account number(s) you will need to process your payment online.

Assessors Title Search

Pay Online

Full Payment:
Pay the full amount of taxes on or before November 15th and receive a 3% discount.

2/3 Payment:
Pay the 2/3 payment on or before November 15th and receive a 2% discount. The final 1/3 payment is due by May 15th.

1/3 Payment:
Pay the 1/3 payment on or before November 15th and receive NO discount. The second 1/3 payment is due by February 15th. The final 1/3 payment is due by May 15th.

Tax Information

Tax Information:

Are you flying South for the winter?
Will you be leaving before you get your tax statements in October?
No problem! By mid-October the tax rolls will turnover for the current year and we will have the amounts available. Just contact our office at the number below and we will be happy to give you the information over the phone.

Come in and See Us
Use Our New Drop box!
Our office is open from 8a.m. to 5p.m.
The recent donation of a drop box by the Baker Masonic Lodge will allow taxpayers another avenue for paying their taxes. Please feel free to use the drop site, as staff will by checking in daily. Drop box is located behind the Courthouse facing 4th Street.

"Green" Tax Statements vs. "Yellow" .....What's The Difference?

Taxpayers that receive green statements have received the original; those that come by yellow ones have received copies. Yellow statements (copies) are provided to those taxpayers that have their accounts coded to be paid by i.e. a lender, mortgage/taxing service, senior citizen deferral, etc. or there are multiple parties for one account and each wishes to receive a copy. If you believe that you have received a yellow (copy) statement by mistake and you are responsible for the taxes please contact our office immediately.

Didn't Receive A Statement? Don't Forget to Change Your Address

If you haven't received a tax statement by the first week of November, it is your responsibility to contact our office. The most common reason for not receiving one is having an incorrect address. Although we try every means possible to locate you, it is the taxpayer's responsibility to keep our office informed of any address changes. (ORS 311.555).

Blue Mountain Translator District

The Blue Mountain Translator district is a public corporation extablished by the Baker County Court as provided for by ORS 354.605-354.715.
The tax office is only responsible for the collection of these fees. If you need any further information regarding the billing please contact the Blue Mountain Translator District at 1-800-886-7169 or P.O. Box 3005, La Grande, OR 97850.

Interested in Unclaimed Property?

Contact the Division of State Lands.

Senior Citizen Deferral

Applications and information are availbale at the Baker County Assessor's office.

Tax Warrants

Taxes on personal property shall become delinquent whenever any third thereof, or other specified installment, is not paid on or before its due date. (ORS 311.505) Warrants will be issued to enforce payment of these delinquent personal property accounts. (ORS 311.610). These are not warrants for your arrest! A $92.00 warrant fee will be added to the amount due and will not be released until the taxes and any fees are paid in full.

Contact Us

Traci Robinson

Leanne Bourne
Chief Deputy

Jennifer Button
Tax Deputy

Mailing Address:
Baker County Treasurer/Tax Collector
1995 Third Street, #140
Baker City, OR 97814
Phone: (541) 523-8221
Fax: (541) 523-8240